About Us

All my life I’ve been into boating in some manner or the other. I bought my first boat, a Hobie 14 catamaran, around age 14 and haven’t looked back. From there, the boats came and went, everything from small sailboats to motoryachts, I just had to be on the water. Now we have the freedom to travel and enjoy the life I’ve so often dreamed about.

My lovely wife, Michele, comes from a far different background but still has that wonderful sense of adventure. Retired as an officer after 21 years in the Army, she too has grown to love the water and boating. She has made this whole thing possible because she is just as excited as I am. No dragging along the wife here,lol.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thanks sooo much for sharing the climb with us. It made me laugh out loud!! God bless you both for sharing your experiences with us!!

  2. I have greatly enjoyed reading your whole story well the beginning of your adventure
    I pray for your safety and Thank-you for your inspiration all things all possible as long as you be leave and have faith…
    Please keep us updated and with pictures it brings it to life how wonderful for you to do it for us all to enjoy.
    Your wonderful people and truly blessed is your love for each other and mankind I mean that and I can not wait to read the next chapter….

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