Sea Shells and Bombers

Between visiting the farmers markets, we were also kept busy looking for shells at Rookery Bay. Rookery Bay is actually on the Intracoastal Waterway, but just a short dinghy ride away there is a walking path through the mangroves that leads to the Gulf Coast. The path is very short, about fifty yards, and then it ends at the Gulf side. This particular beach is known for its abundance of shells and the bonus of being uncrowded. Our friend Tim was right, there were so many shells that it boggled the mind. At least it boggled mine. Michele was right at home exploring the beach and high tide areas for perfect specimens. She even managed to score a few dollars that were partially hidden in the sand.

Michele on the hunt..

Too many shells to count!

Tim found a very large and beautiful Horse Conch. It was still alive so we put it back after looking it over.

A gathering of Florida Fighting Conch

Another, smaller, Horse Conch in the water

I had never seen a Hermit Crab out of its shell, so this was really interesting to see. It seemed to all of us that the shell was too small and maybe he was leaving it and not trying to enter it. None the less it was very cool to watch it for a while..

When we were anchored in Naples, these two WWII planes kept flying overhead. I used to be able to identify these, but not sure what type they were.


Until then…..

5 thoughts on “Sea Shells and Bombers

  1. That is so special – live conch and hermit crab. I’l be cruising on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas, leaving Sunday from Port Canaveral. Maybe will be in the same area?

    • Hi Grace! I thought you would know what type of planes they were. We’ll be in North Palm Beach today. How fun on the cruise! How’s Joe?

      • I think of Joe every day. He’s my Guardian Angel in heaven now, since March 29. Haven Hospice was with us the last month as he slowly faded away. Joe was my love and my hero for 35 wonderful years and we enjoyed all our adventures together. He loved meeting you and Michele and talked about it often. Take care and enjoy every moment.

        • Oh Grace, we’re so sorry to hear that. Joe was quite an interesting man and we’re better for having met him. I’ll miss his Alaska stories…

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