Adios Miami

Miami is one of those places we visit where it’s always hard to leave. There’s so much to like about the place and the opportunities to grab a great meal really make it tough to go. We did stay an extra day, helping out Randy onboard Heaven with his windlass and that was fine by me. His windlass, that’s the piece of equipment that pulls up the anchor chain, had started to act erratic and needed to be repaired before they left for the Bahamas. Between the both of us we got it back to working order. Not without some major surgery and McGivering though!

This morning we left for Dinner Key Marina to top off our fuel and water tanks before we head on to Key Largo and then up the Gulf side of Florida. We’re not sure at this point whether we’ll go to Marathon or not. Right now boats are anchored in Sisters Creek up against the mangroves, because the mooring field at Boot Key Harbor is full. We’ll play it by ear as we have to hold up in Key Largo waiting for a strong front to pass.

As for Dinner Key, we had heard about the place, but had never been there before. It will probably be the last time we stop here. We stopped at Grove Key Marina to top off the tanks and the first problem was trying to get someone to respond to our radio call. Finally, we ended up using the phone to let them know we’re coming in. We get docked and let the dockhand know we needed fuel and water. At that point he told us the marina doesn’t offer water at the fuel dock for transients. He told us it was the marina owners rule that no water be provided. We were shocked and a little peeved to say the least.

We fueled up and left there headed next door for Dinner Key Marina. I called the marina and explained we needed water and they were nice enough to tell us to find an empty T head and fill up there. Dinner Key has no provision for a boater to pull up and get fuel or water. This was all really surprising to us, that marinas of this caliber would be so insufficient in the basic amenities. After filling the tanks with water we got our mooring ball assignment and headed there. With a south or southeast wind of more then 8 knots or so, this would be a miserable place to spend the night. Even now, with a 3-5 knot wind, we’re rocking and rolling.

We did take our laundry in and all the machines worked good, which was a high point. I checked out the showers and was surprised at how dirty they were. I mean, come on, this is a high dollar, first class marina and the bathroom was filthy. After laundry, we walked to the closest store which was a Fresh Market. Sticker shock. We walked in with a decent list and walked out with two avocados, bananas, an onion and a small bag of chocolate candy. Oh well, we’ll finish the list in Key Largo.

Ok, no more ranting. We feel good, we’re warm and meeting up with old friends in a few days. Life is good!

Michele out on the kayak with new friend Ellen

Randy and Ellen’s Lagoon 380, “Heaven”

We really get a kick out of watching all the cruise ships come and go…

Homes on Star Island

Miami, as we’re headed out Biscayne Bay

Mega yacht “Athena” near the anchorage in Miami. It’s for sale…a cool $59 million! The length is 295 feet…

And here is Mark Cuban’s yacht, “Fountainhead”. It’s a little smaller then Athena at 288 feet…

Until then…..


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  1. Sid, FYI Boot Key had @ 20 boats leave yesterday and another group left today. We are out at Bahia Honda until Saturday. I will sent you an update if you are interested in coming to Marathon.

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