Vero and Then Cocoa

Before we left Stuart, good friends Mick and Sue on Jenny, came and picked us up in a rental car they were making use. They were kind enough to give us a tour of the area. We stopped at another anchorage in the area called Manatee Pocket and next time we come through Manatee Pocket will be a must stop. The area looked like the keys and was very kicked back, so we’re looking forward to a longer stay. On Sunday we visited the Green Farmers Market in downtown Stuart and had a nice morning just wondering around the small display stands.

The trip to Vero was pretty uneventful and even though we stopped there just to pick up some fuel and water, we ended up staying the night. Sue and Mick had told us to keep our eyes open for two Gemini Cats that were headed north like us and lo and behold, there they were not 50 yards from where we were. We dinghy over and met Tim and Jill on Links and Jen and Bud on SeaQuest. We had a great time together and the laughter came easy. Michele and I are still amazed at all the really nice people we have met on our journeys.

Today, the highlight of the trip to Cocoa was the dolphins. This section of the ICW can be quite boring as it’s so wide you really can’t see in any detail what’s on either side of you. So it’s mile after mile of trees then some houses, then some more trees and maybe a bunch of condos. You actually look forward t getting waked just to change things up a little. 🙂  Then the dolphins showed up. For some reason there was a lot of dolphins out today and so we kept our eyes peeled to spot them all. All of a sudden Michele yells out, ” dolphins straight ahead and I think they may want to play”! And sure enough, for the first time ever in our travels on the ICW, a dolphin played in front of the boat in the bow wave. He was there long enough to get a decent picture and then slid back under the boat. I walked back to see if I could spot him coming out the back and there he was! Only now he was playing right beside the sugarscoop. I have never heard of a dolphin playing in the back of a boat before. It was really, really cool to watch. I tried to grab a picture but missed him.

Here at Cocoa we dropped the hook and the anchor just drug and drug. Pulled it back up and it was covered in sea grass. Moved to a different spot and dropped again with the same result, only this time there was so much sea grass on the anchor, you couldn’t see the anchor. So, moved again and then yet again. I was beginning to wonder if we were going to get a good set, Finally found a clear area and then the Spade dug in and held. And that’s where we are for now. Tomorrow we’ll meet up with good friends Pat and Doug again!

P1040352 P1040351This little flower stall at the Green Market in Stuart had the most beautiful assortment of flowers…


Michele caught this shot of a flight of pelicans…


P1040360 P1040364

And this guy took a liking to our mooring ball in Vero…


Here’s the dolphin that came to play..:)


This is the back of the boat by the sugarscoop where the dolphin came to play after leaving the front of the boat. I wish I had gotten a shot…

Until then….






3 thoughts on “Vero and Then Cocoa

  1. Ohh …too bad you found grass in the anchorage at Cocoa . .good you dug in on a clear area . Looking foreword to meeting this am …and after the fog clears it will be easier to find you .
    It his very rare to only stay in Vero …”one day ” … Way too easy to get settled in there .
    Welcome to the Space Coast .
    See you soon . P&D

  2. Sid,
    Hi. My name is Mike and I just spent the last week or so reading your entire blog from start to finish. It’s a great blog. I found it by searching people cruising Lagoon catamarans. My wife and I are in our mid 40’s and are planning on doing just what you are doing….selling everything (we’re not rich!), buying a cruising catamaran, and sailing the ICW south to Florida and then ultimately the Bahamas.
    Anyway, as I started reading your blog I had to laugh. You see we’re from the Chesapeake as well….North East at the top of the bay in Cecil County. Then I really laughed, because back in mid January my wife and I got the itch to see what a cruising catamaran is like. So we called up Sail Away Catamarans and drove down on a cold January day and met Tommy and Amy. Cool people. They showed us a couple of cats and we really liked the Lagoon 380. Tommy told us about their sailing instructional cruises and we’ll definitely be hitting them up on that sometime in early summer! Unfortunately(?) we’re going to be at my parents house in Fort Myers Beach during the Annapolis Sailboat show…
    My boating background is a lot like yours….I grew up on the Chesapeake sailing Sunfish and then Hobie Cats in my teens and twenties. Matter of fact, I still have a Sunfish and a Hobie 18. But as my family grew I got into cruising power boats in the 25-30 foot range. Matter of fact, we just accepted an offer on our Ocean Yacht 29SS sportfish that will be our probably be our last big boat for a while….sad to sell it but we’re saving to go cruising!!!!
    So I just thought I’d send you a shout out to let you know that your blog is great and gives those of us in the dreaming and planning stages something to do when the weather here just isn’t up to par….
    Are you guys going to be in Annapolis this summer? I’d love to talk to you about your boat and your cruise!!
    Thanks again…

    • Mike,
      Thank you so much for the comment! I’m flabbergasted that you took the time to read the whole blog, we’re honored and humbled. 🙂 We’ll be back in the Chesapeake in late April and look forward to meeting you guys anytime after that. We love talking boats and would be more then happy to share our thoughts with you. In the meantime…stay warm…:)

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