Stuart, St Lucie River

Well we got accomplished what we needed to get done while in Lake Worth. The most important being making a new lifting rig for the dinghy. One end broke when we got waked from a large powerboat heading the opposite direction on the way here. Power boat wakes, ah, a rant for another post. We found a really nice mall, the Garden Mall, about two miles up on PGA Blvd. On the way there a nice girl gave us a bus schedule for using on the way back. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve seen quite a few bus schedules and the all seemed as if they were written by a committee consisting of a nuclear physicist, a chemist and an engineer. You could hide national secrets in the bowels of a bus schedule and no one would be the wiser. There has to be a way to make those things comprehensible.

Before I forget, I want to thank Grace and Joe Keenan for spreading the word about the blog. If you remember, we met Joe and Grace in St. Augustine at a Veterans Day Celebration. Afterwards they invited us to lunch and then after that, they drove us to the store so we could pick up supplies. If that wasn’t enough, they then drove us back to the boat! Thanks guys, what a great day!

Our stay here in Stuart has been really nice. The downtown area is a short walk away and has that small town feel about it, although there are plenty of tourists shops. We stopped at Flanigan’s and had an early dinner and wow, the place was awesome. We started with steamed clams and these garlic rolls that were incredible. The rolls came drenched in melted garlic butter with plenty of minced garlic. Dipping the rolls in the clam broth created a little heaven on earth! 🙂 For dinner I ordered nachos and the nacho’s were the biggest I had ever seen. They were at least a foot tall! Michele ordered prime rib and it was delicious as well. I wish they had outlets in more states.

Sunset Bay Marina is where we picked up the mooring ball and at 20 bucks a day it’s not bad. The marina is very nice with a cool upstairs lounge area. The bathrooms and laundry room were clean and there is a ship’s store on the premises. Outside you have plenty of tables and chairs to sit at and watch the sunset. The rockers are very popular. They have a large BBQ grill that is available to use as well. I think a return trip is in order to fully explore all Stuart has to offer.

P1040317 P1040333 P1040335 P1040338

Some of the homes on the way to Stuart. What do you do with all that space??


We made really good time because of this tug. We followed him right out of Lake Worth and since the bridges pretty much open on demand for commercial traffic we avoided a lot of wait time.

P1040322 P1040324

The light at Jupiter Inlet. Jupiter is special to us in the fact that if you come down the ICW it’s the first blue water you come to after miles of ice tea brown water. The blue water only lasts a few miles though. It’s also the first place to start collecting floating coconuts.


Under the US 1 bridge at Stuart. This is along the Riverwalk Trail that goes into downtown…

P1040350 P1040347

Check out this McDonalds. When was the last time you saw a sign like that? And the building looks like the original…Cool

P1040318 P1040325

And some wildlife…:)

Until then…


6 thoughts on “Stuart, St Lucie River

  1. I am Grace Keenan’s sister; She introduced me to reading about your travels. I’d love to travel but am a caregiver at this time.

  2. So tell us how you really feel about the bus schedules, lol I’ve been a bus commuter for 3 to 4 years now since I work in Seattle and live about 20 miles Northeast of it. I’ve gotten use to reading the bus schedules but it’s my opinion they are written from a seasoned riders perspective. They just frustrated me at first. I’d suggest using google maps and choosing bus for mode of transportation. You can put in the time you want to arrive or depart and it will show you your options.

    Just wondering if you guys have actually seen any manatee’s in your travels. Are they friendly or aggressive?


    • Julie, thanks for the goggle maps suggestion! We use Google maps all the time and never thought to chose bus mode. We have seen a ton of manatees. They are vicious, bloodthirsty animals…NOT! 🙂 They are quite and slow moving and eat sea grass. You can easily pet them or swim with them, however, both of these things are illegal. Sometimes they look just like big grey rocks sticking above the surface of the water. Michele loves them. The problem they have is being run over by fast moving boats, they’re just too slow to get out of the way. So, because of this there are a lot of “manatee zones” on the Florida waterways in order to control speeding boats. In some areas you can only move at idle speed…

        • Julie, We would love to get some shots on the manatees! It seems by the time you spot them and remember the camera ( important 🙂 ), they are gone. We’ll keep trying though…

  3. Loved this entry !!! Especially the comments re the bus routes and times so true ! happy that you are enjoying Stewart …we like it too . Seems to be a slower paced area . You pictures are informative as well as very intertaining …
    Good job ! Thank you. .

    Sooo looking fwd to seeing you both soon .

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