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We’re currently sitting¬†here in Lake Worth ( North Palm Beach ) thought it might be a good time to update the blog. We’ll just take it day by day and hopefully my short term memory will kick in! ūüôā

Miami to Fort Lauderdale….

We motor sailed all the way there averaging about 10 knots with the wind off the starboard quarter. The seas that day were really lumpy and just plain weird shaped. It was a quick trip though. Once inside we dropped sails and took a deep breath as we knew the land of a thousand bridges was ahead of us. Once again the anchorage at Middle River was too full for our comfort and Michele decided right then and there that Middle River would be crossed off the list of anchorages in Lauderdale. Not wanting to go back through the Los Olas¬†bridge to check out Lake Sylvia, which also has a reputation¬†for being crowed, we kept heading north. Ended up at Lake Santa Barbara which turned out to be¬†ok. Lot’s of small boat traffic but good holding. Not to sure about what’s ashore and how to access it, so we stayed put on the boat.

Lake Santa Barbara to Lantana…

Pulled the hook at 8:30 and arrived at Lantana at 1:30. Five hours to go 25 miles, not bad considering you have about a million bridges to go through. One good thing about all the bridges is that you really get in some good mental acrobatics. Let’s see, the next bridge is 1.9 miles away and opens in 12 minutes, at my current speed can I make the opening?¬†Will I be too early and have to maneuver and hold station in the wind and current, or will I be too¬†late and have to wait 30 minutes for the next opening? Between some bridges you may be¬†running at 3 knots in order to¬†arrive¬†right when she opens, at other times you running at 8 knots to make the opening. Then there are times when ya just have to wait. If we have to wait more then twenty minutes and if there is room we drop the hook and wait.

Lantana, as Michele came to find out when I dropped her off at the launch ramp to walk the dog, has some great things to offer. Markets, post office, a park and a library. The only problem is that there is no where to leave the dinghy. The sea wall is too rough to tie up to and so is the launch ramp. So, for now, Lantana remains just an overnighter.

Lantana to West¬†Palm Beach….A whole 9 miles…

We have passed by this anchorage several times now and kept right on going. However, with some extra days we had to burn, now was the time to check it out. There are three anchorages separated by two long docks. The north dock is suitable for boats 30 foot and up, the other dock due to the way the pilings are situated is suited for smaller boats. You can dock for free between the hours of 5am to midnight. At midnight the docks close and you have to leave. Leaving entails moving the boat to the anchorage and then in the morning moving back to the dock.

This turned out to be¬†a great place to visit. There is plenty of room for the dink and since the docks are floating, it’s easy to get on off the dink. Once in town there is a great little park and a main street with tons¬†of restaurants to chose¬†from. Talking to a fellow¬†cruiser,¬†he told us that we had just missed a great farmers market. So even though the ICW can get a little repetitious, there are plenty of great places¬†to discover. Most of them right in front of¬†you.:)

Lantana to Lake Worth…

This place almost feels like a second¬†home. Just a great place to drop the hook. The anchorage is very large with great holding. You may get the occasional wake from a local powerboat, but even when it’s storming the water here is still pretty comfy. There is a small beach¬†on which to land the dink and¬†a cable provided to¬†lock the dink to. Publix is right down the street and so is a West Marine. The thing that would make it perfect would be a laundermat! We’ll be here for a few days and then it’s northward to Merritt Island…

Until then…

El Camino in West Palm Beach. That’s the Flagler museum across the water.

Sloan’s Ice Cream in West Palm..So good…:)

The bathroom in Sloan’s Ice Cream. This was a little startling because when I went in I could see out as well. However, when you lock the door the glass turns milky and viola! Privacy….

The park area in West Palm….

One of our favorite draw bridges, the Ocean Blvd Bridge…

P1040312 P1040310Don’t cha know, ya just gotta have a ‘copter with your mega yacht!¬† ūüôā



8 thoughts on “On The Move

    • The thing that really got my attention was, see how the blade is attached to deck to keep it from rotating while the boat is moving. Now look at the space between the landing rails of the copter and the safety rails on the boat. Looks to be about 15 feet or so. That’s an awfully small space to land don’t cha think? One little gust and the blade is into the bridge! But it is very cool nonetheless..:)

  1. Hi,
    I play scrabble with grace and she knows my history as a cruiser so was kind to forward your very enjoyable blog to me. we cruised aboard a non-such -Sussanna-between 85 and 90. then subsequently with a variety of boats. We loved the Exumas and spent most of our time there. We have friends still cruising aboard Glory Days-a catamaran. They are a Canadian couple we met in ’86-cruised with and are still friends.

    • Welcome aboard Ed and Terry! Wow, Grace is really spreading the word isn’t she? ūüôā The Exumas were fantastic and we can’t wait to go back. Such incredible beauty and great people. Where are your friends on Glory Days now?

  2. My sister Grace Keenan forwarded this to me in Ohio. I enjoyed seeing and reading your adventures. I am a post card trader for many years. So always interested in travel, although my husband is disabled and we go nowhere. Claire Vernell

    • Hi Claire! Welcome aboard El Camino. Thank you so much for the kind comment. It has been and is a great adventure for us. We so enjoyed our time with Grace and Joe in St. Augustine. I’m hoping you have a nice spring to make up for the long winter.

      Sid and Michele

  3. Nice update ….very informative ….love your bridge comments …. We sometimes have a bit of a different ” use of language ” to the scheduling of these bridges. …. Maybe they are timed for the amusement of the bridge keepers …

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