Staniel Cay Swimming Pigs

Staniel Cay is pretty well know for a few things. One of the most well know things is the Thunderball Grotto in which we have been snorkeling on. The Grotto got it’s name from the 60’s James Bond movie “Thunderball”. Parts of the movie were filmed here and in the SCYC are all the old pictures from those days when the movie was filmed. Now that we’ve been here it goes without saying that the movie is now on our list to acquire and see. The other well known thing about Staniel is the Class A sloops that the locals race with. The boats are shallow draft and have very tall masts for the length of boat. They look to be about 25 foot long, but I’m not sure of the exact length. When they are racing, the boats carry these long boards which stick out from the side of the boat. On these boards is where the crew crawls out and counter-balances the boat to keep it from turning over. The boats are very fast and great fun to watch. Google ” Bahamas class A sloops” and you see what I mean.

The other thing that Staniel is famous for are the swimming pigs. I’ve meaning to ask the locals how the swimming pig thing got started, but haven’t as of yet. When you get to the beach, which is located about a mile from the Staniel Cay settlement on Big Majors Spot, the pigs will spot you and start swimming towards the dink for food. I was surprised at how big they were, and if I were to guess, I would say they clocked in at over 200 pounds! Another thing is that they are surprisingly fast swimmers. Especially if you have never seen a pig swim, which until now I didn’t think they could. The challenge is to get close enough for  good picture but not too close as they will try to climb up on the dink. They have been known to put holes in the dinks that were too careless and got close enough for them to reach.

We did see people in the water swimming along side the pigs, but I’m not sure how prudent that is. From what I’ve heard the pigs can be aggressive and you wouldn’t want a 200 pound pig coming at you in the water or on land.

Today we’re just chillin’ and went to the market for some fresh baked coconut and banana breads. Michele picked up some fresh produce as the delivery boat was in a couple of days ago and all three stores were well stocked for the time being. Around noon we’ll head back to the grotto one more time and then over to another snorkel spot to check it out. Sometime after the first we’ll head to Blackpoint to do some laundry and check out the settlement. Another cruiser has told us that you can get a haircut there for ten dollars and put in an order for lobster at the same time. Cost? Ten bucks for the haircut and ten bucks for the lobster! We’ll see..:)

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  1. yay!! I’ve been waiting to see the swimming piggies. And can I just say that it looks like they are swimming in a backyard pool that’s how beautifully blue that water is. Such a neat thing to see… Kids said they wished there was a video. Love you and miss you both!

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