Staniel Cay

Having been here at Staniel for almost a week now, I have to say that this is our favorite spot so far. The place is beautiful, provisions are readily available if you need them and  the anchorage is calm. And now that we know some of the locals it’s going to be really hard to leave this place. Everything you may need is within walking distance or a short dinghy ride away. In the next few posts I will fill you in on what we have been doing here to fill the days.

The anchorage we are in is fantastic. It’s a shallow area on the south side of the big rock opposite the Grotto. At low tide we have about a foot of water under us. This means very few boats anchor around us for fear of grounding. Very few, as in maybe one or two boats. The big rock blocks the current and keeps any surge down to a minimum. If your boat draws four feet or less, then this is the spot to be in. Also, from here the dinghy landing at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club is only a couple of hundred yards away. Same with the fuel dock and water. Maybe half a mile by dinghy is the Isles General Store with it’s own dinghy dock. It’s a very short walk from the dock to the store, we’re talking a hundred foot or less, so loading up is very easy.

Tomorrow the swimming pigs!

Until then…

P1030732The anchorage we are sitting in. You can just see the corner of the big rock. The Grotto located at the end of the next big rock to the left. The small rock in the middle is just, well, a small rock. 🙂

P1030737The road leading into Staniel Cay Yacht Club..

P1030750Private homes..

P1030754El Camino sitting on the hook. SCYC is directly to the left from where I’m standing..

P1030788 (2)Rainbow over the anchorage..

P1030747The dinghy dock at Isles General Store. Of all the stores ( two) on the island, this one has the best frozen food and also carries marine supplies.

P1030741The airport at Staniel. LAX it’s not..:)

P1030744The “terminal” building at the airport..I mean, how cool is that??

Until then…







2 thoughts on “Staniel Cay

  1. Wow, I’m trying really hard not to be envious. You are in a beautiful place on this earth. I sure hope I’m able to see it some day. Keep the pics coming. So glad you are having such a good time.

  2. Staniel was one our fav spots too have captured a wonderful photo description …good job! Seeing it from your view is perfect ! Keep it up …and enjoy . Hugs for all here tied to the moorings ….. Xop

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