Shroud Cay


The thing that we’re finding really cool about the Bahamas is that each little island or Cay is different then the next. They may be only a few miles apart but the differences can be amazing. Shroud Cay is only five miles or so south of Norman’s but is completely different then Normans. Shroud is part of the Exuma Land and Sea Park which means everything is protected  there. No fishing or taking of anything, dead or alive. In several places on the island there are these small creeks that head into the island. Some of them you are allowed to take a dink on, but most of them you can only go non-motorized. We decided to explore the northern most creek because that one you can dink on at idle speed only. The creek itself is beautiful as it winds around the mangroves through the interior of Shroud. It reminded me of the Jungle Boat ride at Disneyland. In some places it’s very shallow and at low tide you would probably have to get out of the dink and walk it through the low spots. No problem though, the bottom is sand and the water is warm and clear.


At the end of this particular creek is the other side of the island and a small beach for landing the dink. After you leave the dink and walk about twenty steps, the view in front of you is impossible to put into words. The water goes from gin clear to the deepest shade of blue with every shade of blue in between the two. The sand is milky white and soft as can be. The Bahamas keeps throwing you these zingers. When you think it can’t get any more beautiful, the Bahamas says ” oh yes it can”! And it does..:) The pictures here on the blog just can’t capture what your eyes take in.

P1030699Here is the entrance to the creek on the north end of Shroud Cay. In front of us are our buddies with whom we’ve been traveling with at times.

P1030706After winding through the mangroves you come to the end of the creek and the other side of the island. This is the little beach you land the dink on..

P1030709 P1030710 P1030708And these are the views that greet you. We were all speechless just taking it in..

P1030714About 50 yards up the beach is this trail that takes you to a lookout point.

P1030717 P1030719Here is the view from the top of the trail. The top picture is looking west into the interior of Shroud Cay with it’s creeks and saltwater marshes. The bottom picture is looking east. When Norman’s Cay was held by Carlos Lehder of the Columbian drug cartel, this high point was used by federal agents watching for drug laden aircraft landing at Norman’s..

P1030713In some places here the sand was so soft that if you wiggled your feet they would slowly sink into the sand. It was both a cool and weird feeling at the same time…

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