That Dirty Four Letter Word

The word? WORK, what word were you thinking?? After arriving back in Annapolis we sat on the hook for a couple of weeks mellowing out and trying to decide where to stay for the summer. We really like staying at the Maryland Yacht Club, but since we’re not members, they have limited our stay to two months a year. So, with that information in hand, we are staying at Liberty Marina in Edgewater for most of the summer and then two months before we head south again, we’ll move to the Yacht Club. The good thing about Liberty is the location. Everything is close by and easy to get to. The bad part is the marina is not protected from the wakes of passing boats. At times you can really get tossed around by inconsiderate boaters leaving large wakes. The good thing about the Yacht Club is the water is perfectly still and quite. Bad part is it’s a little out of the way to get to anywhere.

Back to that word, work. Yep, since we’re not independently wealthy we do have to work and earn money to keep doing what we’re doing. I’ve gone back to work for the summer doing the welding thing and also brokering catamarans with Sail Away Catamarans here in Edgewater. Michele is taking continuing education classes that support her degree in Recreational Therapy. The big news is that I took the Coast Guard’s Captain’s license course and passed. As part of the application process I also had to take a Red Cross first aid and CPR course, I took an Assistance Towing course to add to the license, had to get a Transportation Workers Identification Card, do a DOT physical and be DOT drug tested. It was a lot of work, but I’ll end up with a 100 Ton Near Coastal license.

And, of course, there’s always boat projects to keep us busy. The list is always changing but never ending. The latest semi-major project was refinishing the cockpit table and the teak grates that lead into the salon as well as the grates we stand on at the helm. Why has it taken four years to get around to this? I may be a whiz with metal, but when it comes to anything wood, I get a little lost. So, I just put it off until the “timing” was right. Michele “let” me know that the timing was perfect right now, so below are pics of the finished table and grates. I think they came out ok for a rookie.

P1060537 P1060536 P1060535You can see that there was a lot of old varnish on the table and it looked pretty bad.

P1060538All sanded and ready for new varnish.

P1060542 P1060541I still have a few more coats to go, but the improvement is dramatic. Best part is I get to add some Brownie points up with Michele. I’m almost out of the hole…:)

P1060540The before pic of the grate at the helm…

P1060543And the after picture. Much better…

Until then……….