Crossing the Atlantic

No, we didn’t cross the Atlantic, but this gentleman did…in a rowboat! This morning in the marina store where I have my coffee this guy asked me how far Little River was. I told him about 25 miles and asked him what kind of boat he had. He said he had a rowboat. “A rowboat” I asked?? You’re going to row 25 miles to Little River? Then I asked him where he started from. In a very calm manner with no fanfare, he said, Africa. “Africa” I asked!? You mean you rowed across the Atlantic Ocean? “Yes”, was his answer, as if people row across the Atlantic everyday.

And that’s how I met Victor Mooney. After letting him take care of his business and getting squared away, I walked to his boat and was immediately engaged in a great conversation. He was that approachable and easy to talk to. We talked about his voyage and everything in-between. His heritage is that of Seminole Indian and we talked about that and tied it into racism and politics, which led into a conversation about love and tolerance. All in all it was pretty cool getting to know him, even if just a little.

If you would like to follow his last miles up to New York, which will be no piece of cake, here is his blog.

Once in New York he is going to donate his boat to the United Nations in support of Aids awareness.

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Until then…