Wow, Can You Believe It?

A post!  A post! Yeah, it’s been entirely too long in between posts, but things have been so hectic since we returned that I just haven’t had the gumption to sit down and bang out a post. As I said in the last post, the transition from cruising to earning money for the cruising kitty is not an easy one for me. Imagine for months that your all your time and schedule belonged to you. You chose when to get up, when to move, where to go, how long to stay, etc. Then in a matter of a couple of weeks toss all that freedom out the window. All of a sudden running 10 minutes late somehow equates to a serious offence. Lunch at noon whether you’re hungry or not. You slowly hand over pieces of your freedom until the day is so full you can barely manage a post like this.

If this sounds like bellyaching, it’s not really, it’s just the process of acclimating the first couple of weeks back. Since we’re not wealthy people this is the process that keeps us cruising in the winter and we accept that. If we have to sacrifice a little freedom in the summer to continue cruising in the winter, so be it.

Almost as soon as we were back we found out that Pier 7 Marina had been sold and sold to a Sail Away Catamarans competitor at that. So, since ya can’t have a Chevy dealer come and plop a bunch of Fords on the same lot, Sail Away is in the process of moving across the river to Liberty Marina. We moved across last week and so far have enjoyed how quite it is. The company that I welded for last year welcomed me back with a new truck and welding machine. I actually preferred the old one because there was never a worry about damaging it. 🙂

So, with all of the above going on it felt really good to leave the dock yesterday, (Friday), to spend some time at our favorite place, which is “on the hook”. The location we chose was the Magothy River which is just north of the Annapolis Bay Bridge. Once inside we took a turn to starboard and went past Gibson Island to a spot by Cornfield Creek. The trip up was a combination of sailing, motorsailing and just plain motoring, which I guess most trips are. At one point on the trip up I hear this popping noise and wondered what the heck it was. Seconds later it made itself know as the starboard genoa line snapped. The initial noise was I believe the outer covering giving way leaving the inner core exposed. It got a little hectic as it was blowing 15-20 knots but I was able to temporarily replace the line with a spinnaker line I had onboard. Having misjudged the distance and time it took to get here we arrived slightly after dark, which was no big deal since the anchorage here has plenty of room and decent holding. Later today Tommy Smith, ( our great friend and sales manager at Sail Away Catamarans), has invited us to a Moroccan themed party at one of his friends house which is close by the anchorage. So we’ll dinghy over and check that out, should be great fun!

And that kinda, sorta brings us up to date with what’s been going on around here. Sorry it’s taken so long to post and thanks for checking back for new ones. The next post will be sooner…:)

P1040789Aaaahhhh, to be sailing again. Headed up the ChesapeakeP1040790Michele grabbed this shot. I thought it was beautiful!P1040799It’s not so unusual to see a barge on the Chessy…butP1040800to see the gulls hichin’ a ride on the barge is…P1040796One of many large ships on the bay that day..P1040802The Annapolis Bay Bridge..P1040814Another shot Michele grabbed…P1040816The anchorage here on the Magothy River…


Until then….