Morehead City to Wrightsville Beach

Morehead City as it turns out has the same problem as Oriental in the fact that derelict boats take up most of the anchorage behind Sugarloaf Island. This left us no choice but to anchor more towards the channel and into the current. Things were fine until about 10 o’ clock then the wind built up to 15-20 knots and was blowing perpendicular across the current. El Camino was riding forward over the anchor chain and bridal one moment and then back into proper position the next. Michele didn’t like this one bit and I was growing more uncomfortable by the minute. I couldn’t judge how far forward we were riding over the anchor and didn’t want to take the chance of it unsetting then resetting all through the night. At 11 o’clock the decision was made to try and tie up at a dock, any dock, as there was no room to re-anchor except in the same spot.

We pulled anchor and tried the dock at the dive company. Fighting both the wind and current I finally got the boat close enough for Michele to loop a line around a piling on the end of the dock. I thought I could spring in using the line, but with the wind blowing us away from the dock in one direction and the current moving us away in a different direction I couldn’t get the boat to swing into the dock. After several tries we decided to move on to the dock at Sanitary Restaurant. This was a little easier as the dock was about 150 feet long. After a couple of tries we did manage to get her tied up and secure for the night.

Up early because we knew that we had another 70 mile day ahead of us. This run kept us on our toes because the timing had to be just right to make the openings of the Figure Eight Bridge and the Wrightsville Beach Bridge and make Wrightsville before sunset. After getting through Figure Eight, we really pushed the engines to make the next opening of the Wrightsville Beach Bridge. If we missed the opening then the next one was at 7 o’clock and that would put us in a position of anchoring after dark. We could manage an after dark approach, but given the choice anchoring on the ICW with daylight is much more preferred. At 8.8 knots, I felt that was as hard as I was willing to push the Volvo’s. This put them at ten degrees hotter then normal but still within safe range. I called ahead with our ETA of 6:02 and the bridge operator said if we could make that time she would open, any later and no dice. We never slowed down all the way up to the bridge, the operator timed it perfect for us and we made it through. Whew. Twenty minutes later the hook was down at Wrightsville Beach..


The anchorage at Wrightsville. The dingy dock is in the right hand corner up by the bridge. Then it’s one short block to the beach!






This is still one of my favorite houses on the ICW. That’s a sliding board into the pool hiding behind the palm trees…P1020712 P1020708


Hey 50 percent off!!



One of the targets on the For Lejeune live fire range…



P1020702 P1020699

Until then…..


Morehead City…..North Carolina

Couldn’t post last night because we had no internet. Go figure. Even the Verizon 3G signals for the phones was spotty. We have ATT on the ipad and no dice, as in no signal whatsoever. The trip from East Lake to Snode Creek well, lets just say it’s not very exciting. The Alligator River is arrow straight for miles and miles and then onto the Pungo River which was pretty much a straight shot as well. Not much to photograph or write about. It was a 70 mile day however…

Todays venture was much better in terms of scenery and sailing. The highlight was when we stopped for fuel and water at R.E. Mayo in Hoboken, NC. Mayo is a commercial fishing dock and services many of the Pamlico Sound shrimping fleet. It also sells fresh seafood to the public. If you stop here, keep in mind this is a no frills, working dock. The fuel hose was a 2 inch hose! The best part was the fuel was only $3.64 a gallon. That’s the cheapest we have ever paid.  The people that work there are very friendly and helpful, to the point of refusing a tip when we were done fueling and filling the water tank.

Then there was the seafood. When they told me the shrimp was 5.49 a pound my eyes glazed over and I forgot that they also had fresh scallops and fish. Fish such as drum, croaker and flounder. We were 5 miles down the ICW when I realized I should have filled the freezer. Dang.

The trip across Pamlico Sound was rough as the wind was blowing 25 knots and this brought up the swell much like the Chesapeake. I managed to injure a toe somehow and now it’s a nice shade of black and purple. Want to see a picture? Didn’t think so! 🙂 After crossing the Sound things got much smoother and would stay that way until we dropped the hook in Morehead City. After we got settled in and satisfied the hook was set, we hopped in the dink and explored some of the shops. At the end of the street we spotted Sanitary Fish Market and Restaurant. Still feeling the sting of not buying fresh fish, we stopped in. Alas, the fish market portion was closed, but I was able to score some cocktail sauce and bought a piece of bourbon pecan pie. It was a tough choice between that and the turtle cheesecake!

Mechanically, the trip has been fine so far. The saildrive is still leaking a small amount of oil even with the new seal. Now it’s coming from the gasket and next time I think I will use a different sealer for the gasket surface. The mailsail lost a screw holding the batten to the slide. I was able to use another screw, although it will have to be changed in Myrtle Beach, since this one is a little too long. Other then those two items, things are fine. Knock on wood….


Sunset at South Lake. Why this is called a lake I’m not sure because it’s not a lake at all. Same with naming the creeks. Snode Creek is in no way a creek. Any idea why folks??P1020646


Alligator River Bridge on the Alligator River…


Alligator River..Long, straight and boring….


The anchorage at Snode Creek…



This tug just pulled off to the bank and was stopped there for some reason..


One of the shrimpers at RE Mayo. With a name like that Michele couldn’t resist taking a pic…


This is what a pallet of 80 pound bags of shrimp look like. They just took this off the boat as we were standing there watching. Yeah, this is where my eyes started glazing over…


Close up of one of the bags..


The folks at RE Mayo apologized for not having  any shrimp larger then this!


One of the shrimpers out on the Pamlico Sound…


The anchorage at Morehead City


One of the shops we visited had these two Shiloh Shepards that were beautiful. Look at the size…Huge…The name of the shop was Arts and Things Gallery. Stop in if you drop a hook here or are driving through. The shop itself has some great artwork along with art supplies. And the dogs Taska (the blonde) and Kaya ( the grey) were awesome. I wish I could remember the owners name as he was a really nice guy.

P1020687 P1020689


Time for the bourbon pecan pie….Until Then…..

Finally a 70 Mile Day

With only one bridge to contend with today we were able to make up some lost ground and time. The only casualty was once again we passed by Coinjock and it’s famous prime rib. Sorry Rebecca, one day we will make it in. We dropped the hook about 5 miles from the Alligator RR bridge in 6 feet of water. We could have pressed on to East or South Lake, but with no wind to speak of tonight we stopped short.

P1020632 P1020634

Wouldn’t you love to know the back story behind this??!!


Our next boat….


Albemarle Sound…

P1020638 P1020640  P1020644 P1020637 P1020636

Until Then….


Say Hello to My Little Head…

Let me start out with the fact that yeah, we’re a little weird. Ok, ok, I’m a little weird. A couple of years ago Michele bought this mannequin head from a thrift shop to give to Kylie to play around with. Turns out that so many practical jokes have involved the use of the head, that I tactfully took it back. Ok, she was screamin’ and cryin’, but she got over it :). You just never knew when the head would pop up. Open the dryer and BAM, there’s the head. I know this doesn’t sound too startling but when all you expect to see are underwear and socks and instead the disembodied head is staring back at you it’s a little unnerving.

One of the best ones was when my son Sid tied it the refrigerator door so that when I open the door the head flew out. The resulting scream was both involuntary and embarrassing. So, here’s the deal, from time to time she’ll pop up in the blog photos and maybe on Facebook. Kinda like the gnome thing. And one last thing, she doesn’t have a name so we are open to suggestions. Ya, I know, weird…

Here she is….

P1020631 P1020630

Will post again tonight…Until Then…