Nike Says ” Just Do It” and So Do I

Time and time again I see folks missing out on their dreams because they’re always in the “getting ready” mode. This applies not only to boating but other activities as well. Don’t be afraid to partake on a journey because you’re not 100% ready to go. Guess what? You’ll never be 100% ready. There will always be something to upgrade or some new electronic gadget that everyone says you can’t live without. Don’t be stuck at the dock in a never ending process of getting ready.

When we took delivery of El Camino none of the electronics worked. No wind speed, no depth, no autopilot, no gps or chartplotter. I was really worried because I knew we had to get the boat to Annapolis and we didn’t have the funds to replace all the non-working stuff. The boat yard collected 13,000 boat units from us, which was double what we thought it would be. Then I realized that in my 30’s I had sailed a Cal 2-29 all over southern California and Catalina with nothing more than a compass, windex and paper charts. If that’s all I needed then, well how much more do I need now? So I bought a windex for wind direction and a small Garmin chartplotter for charts and depth.

The bimini was worn out and we used duct tape in places to stop the leaks. We had no modern sail management system such as a Stack Pack, just a worn out sail cover. Michele had never sailed a day in her life beyond being a passenger. Did all this stop us? In a word, no. We made sure the boat was safe and carried the safety equipment we thought necessary. Then we left. While others were still “getting ready” we were dolphin spotting and anchoring in beautiful locations all along the west coast of Florida and up the ICW.

Instead of getting ready at the dock we’re getting ready along the way! To sum it all up, like Nike, Just Do It and go now!

Until then…