On The Chesapeake

Shoaly North Carolina is behind us and now here we sit on the South River in Edgewater, Maryland. Pier 7 will be our summer home as we help out with the grandkids, do some work on the boat and try to add to the cruising kitty. Sometime in September is the turnaround date for when we head back south. The plan is to be in Myrtle Beach in October to help out Genne when she has her baby, which is due October 18. Then it’s on to Florida in November to spend Thanksgiving with our Canadian friends Doug and Pat. After that, Christmas in the Bahamas and maybe further to the Carib if things work out. We shall see…

P1020278 P1020277Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. The beach here was very nice and clean. After landing the dinghy at the new dinghy dock, the beach is only a block away.P1020282We thought it strange to see this palm tree out in the ICW with nothing else around…P1020285 P1020284Probably my favorite house so far, although a little large.P1020296Entering Camp Lejeune on the ICW you find this sign. There were lots of artillery shots we could hear in the distance, some very heavy sounding. P1020299One of the targets along this part of the ICW..P1020310This guy rode with us for many miles before he finally flew off..P1020326 P1020327The Great Lock at Great Bridge. This was our first lock and it was easy to manage with the exception of the lock helpers giving Michele the wrong instructions with the dock line. This led to a little road rash on the port bow…P1020337The battleship Wisconson in Norfolk, Virginia.P1020340A hovercraft in the area was so loud it was just unbelievable. P1020346Exiting the Salt Pond Marina we had to negotiate this narrow and shallow channel. The dredgers said they had it dredged to 8 feet the day before. We managed to disprove that by finding bottom several times on the way out!P1020347Almost to the inlet at Salt Pond….P1020352 P1020354 P1020357Several lighthouses on the way up the Cheasapeake…

We stopped by our friends Bill and Pam Hagy’s house on the way up the Chesapeake and they really made us feel welcome. The next day they sent us on our way with fresh eggs from their chickens! After that it was a stop in Solomon’s Island for the night. The next day brought us up the bay in great time as we were headed downwind and surfing the swells, sometimes at 12.5 knots.

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On The Ground In North Carolina

Tow Boat US has a booming business in North Carolina. Almost immediately after leaving the anchorage we saw the first sailboat aground. I tried to judge how far I could be off his stern and still be in the channel. The result was that I ran aground also. Anticipating this, I was only doing 2 knots, so we backed off with no problem. Tried another approach closer to his stern and made it through. A little further up and another sailboat aground. This is crazy I thought. There were many small dredges working on private channels but only one dredge working the ICW. So it goes with all the budget cuts. The next 20 miles we just watched the marks and stayed right in the channel.

To get to the anchorage I entered Moss channel and even though the charts showed 6 feet, I ran aground again! What the heck! Again I was only doing 2 knots, but still, this was getting ridiculous. Backed off and found a deeper spot through. A mile later rounding Green 19 yep, you guessed it, grounded again. Backed off and found my way around the shoal. Finally made it to the anchorage and dropped the hook. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. lol P1020263 P1020264Not a great way to start the day.P1020271 P1020266I didn’t realize North Carolina had a shrimping fleet.



P1020270Wouldn’t you love to know the story behind this boat?

P1020273One of the small dredges that we saw working private areas…

P1020275Interesting looking house..

P1020278Wrightsville Beach, NC.

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On The Move Again

We spent the last two weeks at our daughter Genne’s and her husband Zack’s house in Murrells Inlet and the time has flown by. We managed to get a lot accomplished except for updating the blog. Genne is having her first baby and well, there was lots of shopping to do. Do you have any idea how long it takes to pick out a crib set now a days?? And the strollers have more options then cars. Will that be three wheels or four? Oh, little wheels or big wheels? On the road or jogging? Cupholders? MP3 connection? Integrated car seat? Fold up from the seat or fold from the handle? Do you want a one piece top or one with a window? I kid you not. And hey,did you know you can pay upwards of two hundred dollars for an electric, digital, double action breast pump!? What happened to the bicycle horn looking pump? All in all we had a tremendous amount of fun and got to spend a lot of time together. Genne and Michele found a great place for the shower at the first place they looked. Michele will be back down in September to help out with the shower.

Some boat work managed to get done while we were here and of course nothing is as easy as it seems. One of the projects I wanted to get done was the relocating of the power inverter. For those not familiar, an inverter is an electronic device that converts 12 volt dc battery power into 115 volt ac household current. Using an inverter you can run household appliances off of the battery bank. In order to move the inverter I had to first chase some wiring down that run behind the batteries. In the process of lifting one f the batteries the handle broke and 70 pounds of battery fell back into the battery box. This was not a good thing as the falling battery crushed the battery box and managed to crack it’s case, leaking electrolyte everywhere. So, that’s how a two hour project turns into an all day project in a split second. The box did get rebuilt and the inverter eventually did get relocated.

What else? The oil got changed and I tried to fix an oil leak on top of the saildrive. The leak appears to still be there after todays run so another type of gasket sealer may be the answer. The head continues to give us problems with an odor, even after replacing all the hoses. This one has got me scratching my head. The Mantus chain hook worked like a dream when we anchored today. So much easier then anything else I’ve tried. Still working on a blog that details what has worked for us and what has not…Stay tuned…

P1020198Genne and Zack out cruisin’ with us…P1020200Michele and Genne P1020211Genne trying her hand at fishing…P1020218Michele got a great shot…P1020226Mindy, who is eating on her own a little more each day…P1020228Michele and Genne kickin’ back on the trampoline…P1020238 P1020239 P1020236Three shots of a gondola crossing the ICW. What’s a gondola doing crossing the ICW you ask? To carry golfers to the other side of the course, of course!P1020250Here’s a very narrow section of the ICW called the “rockpile”. Both sides are lined with rockes and ledges. It pays to stay in the channel here.P1020259This lighthouse marks the entrance to the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club. Not sure, but this lighthouse may have been restored and relocated here by the yacht club.

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