Peck Lake Update

The trip from Lake Worth to here was fairly easy with maybe seven bridges to open. Peck Lake was recommended to us by Doug and Pat, fellow cruisers who have been here often. The cool thing about the place is the access to the beach. We came in northbound and turned right, about 30 yards before Green “19”. Found no shoaling of concern to us, but we did avoid the charted shoal. We power set the hook and it bit in hard. The dinghy ride to the small sandy beach is very short and you can lock the dink up to the trees. Doug said the beach was close and wow, he was right! We took the path by the information signs and 75 yards away was the beach. It was a  beautiful spot and practically deserted. Of course the light rain may have had something to do with that.

In the short time we were on the beach we found some beautiful shells. Today we will head back as the sun is shining and I’ll get some pics. Left the camera on the boat yesterday for fear of it getting wet.Peck Lake is part of Hobe Sound nature preserve and there is a webcam oon the beach if you want to check out where we are. Just google Hobe Sound webcam.

Enjoy the pics from yesterday….P1010804I got a kick out of these pelicans “guarding” the bridge…P1010807I wish I had gotten the name of this lighthouse…P1010812 P1010810Some of the bounty from yesterday’s walk on the beach…P1010817 P1010816 P1010815 P1010814The Peck Lake anchorage. In the third pic is where you access the beach 75 yards away…

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Raining Cats and Dogs

Just a quick little update. We had rain yesterday that was really needed because the boat still had salt on it from the trip up. So yesterday was a free wash day! It was still in the high 70’s even during the rain so it was nice to sit cozy in the salon and watch it fall. I had gone to West Marine earlier and it started raining on the dinghy ride back. I did bring some foul weather gear so stayed dry the whole way. Check out the video…Everyone asks us how the animals are doing on the trip. Here’s some pics…you tell me how you think they have acclimated…:)

P1010782 P1010783 P1010781 P1010778

And here is the link for the video when it was raining…

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Lake Worth, Palm Beach

Ok, I lied. Last post I said we were stopping at Lantana for the day and then heading to Lake Worth. Michele took one look at the anchorage and it was a no go. Lantana is really just a place where the ICW widens quite a bit. There is room for quite a few boats but not great protection from wakes. And since this was the start of the weekend and there were already a lot of boats on the water we said no to Lantana. So on to Lake Worth. It took us about two and a half hours to get from Lantana to Lake Worth. We did miss two bridge opening by about two minutes and this tacked on an hour to the trip.

Once here we could see many boats staging for “The Crossing”. Lake Worth is a good jump point to cross the Gulf Stream on the way to the Bahamas. It’s easy to provision and fuel up here, plus there is a West Marine close by for boat parts. Today, (Sunday) we woke up to see at least one third of the boats gone. We wish we could have gone too, but the timing for us was not right. It looks like Christmas in the Bahamas for us. Which ain’t such a bad thing…

When we dropped the hook here, it was blowing 20-25 knots and as soon as the hook set, El Camino started her “dance”. By that, I mean swinging around at anchor. This has been a problem for awhile now and I’ve been playing with the bridle adjustment to try and stop the swinging. My bridle, for the landlubbers, looks like a large “Y” with the center leg about 7 foot long with a chain hook on the end. The legs of the Y are about 20 feet long with a self closing hook on each end to hook onto the eyes on the bows. I had never seen a bridle set up like this and thought the two legs and center section were way too long.  By tying a bowline in the middle of the legs I shortened them by about 6 foot each. This slowed the swinging a little. Back to square one. Next I took a short section of line and with a rolling hitch attached it to the center of the Y. With a bowline I attached the line to the chain hook. Now the center section was a foot long instead of seven foot. This really helped slow down the swinging but still was not the answer. That brings us to Lake Worth. The boat was swinging like crazy in the stiff breeze. All the other boats at anchor were set back into the wind and stable, and we felt like we were on an outa control merri-go-round. Finally I had enough and told Michele I had to try something, anything. Went out on deck and pulled the anchor chain up enough to take off the bridle and let the windlass hold us for a few minutes. Then the bowlines were untied and I removed the hooks. Took the hooks to the end of the legs and with a shackle attached them to the eyes in the legs. Once each hook was attached to the bow eyes I attached the chain hook to the chain and with the windlass let out the chain. As soon as the bridle took the load the boat literally snapped around and was stable in the wind. No more swinging! Our comfort at anchor increased a hundred fold. So for a Lagoon 410 at least,this bridle configuration works. Twenty foot legs with a one foot center leg. I would like to eliminate the center leg and attach the long legs directly to the chain hook, so it looks like a trip to West Marine is in order.

Took the dinghy to shore so we could get off the boat and do some scouting around for provisions and other stuff we need. We found one of those urgent care centers and Michele decided to have the doc check her leg and ankle out. She slipped and fell into the water at the Miami Boat Show and really banged up her shin and foot in the process. We figured time would heal it but it been awhile now and it still hurt. So after some x-rays, doc said nothing was cracked or broke. She told Michele to take it easy and keep the leg elevated in the evening. tomorrow I’ll go back out and shop for stuff we need and Michele can follow doctors orders!

Here’s a few more house pictures, sorry some of them are B/W. I must have changed the setting on the camera by mistake.

P1010743 P1010753


Michele loved the curtains on the house above. And the piece sign house??

P1010744 P1010748

P1010764 P1010767

This house was on a barge and sitting right beside the ICW. I would love to know the story behind this…


One of the coolest looking drawbridges we have seen by far. The colors were all pastels, yellows, blues and oranges…


Looking west across the Lake Worth anchorage. If you look at the line of large boats in the back, the one on the far left is Tiger Woods yacht, Privacy.


Local wildlife…

I have changed the size of the pictures, in pixels. Please let me know if this helps the site to load faster. Trying to help out the mobile users….

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Houses and Bridges, Oh My


This part of the ICW has bridge after bridge after bridge. Sometimes as little as a mile apart. We had to open nine bridges today! But ya know, it really wasn’t a big deal, in fact it was kinda fun maneuvering the boat around and holding position waiting for the bridge to open. Great practice. It may be different on a boat other then a catamaran, which are very easy to operate and manuever at slow speed. Other folks waiting for the bridges to open could get a little impatient though and creep right up to the bridge waiting for it to open. We just hung back further and watched the jockeying from a distance. At one bridge while we were waiting, a stingray, or some kind of ray, started leaping from the water over and over again. Cool stuff.

All the bridges have a schedule in which they open. Some open on the hour and half hour, some open on the quarter hour and some open every twenty minutes. Just because they have a schedule though doesn’t mean they open automatically on that schedule. You have to request an opening on that bridges schedule, then get confirmation the bridge tender heard your request. Depending on the bridge, you may only have to wait a few minutes, If you just missed the opening, then it’s a half hour wait for the next.

The houses along the way are incredible. Mansions just doesn’t come close to describing them.  At one there was some kind of movie filming taking place. It would be cool to know who owns some of these houses.

The pictures below speak for themselves…..

P1010702 P1010707

Typical drawbridge, although this is a large one…

P1010728 P1010741 P1010740 P1010732 P1010733 P1010734 P1010735 P1010736 P1010730 P1010729

Tomorrow we leave for Lantana and will spend one day there. After that we headed to Lake Worth. At Lake Worth we gonna settle in for a bit. We DO NOT want to head into cold weather, so south it is for a while…

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